Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tour Days: Califoooooooornia

We are currently in the backstage area of the Independent, a nice venue in San Francisco. The wireless network that I am using right now is entitled "Backstage". This is what life is all about. Free wireless on a borrowed computer.

San Diego/Los Angeles was an interesting adventure. We are about to play a show, so I can't get into the required detail on how weird the last few days, but we did shoot live performances for an internet tv show for the WB, where they had paid extras pretending to REALLY love our band. It was like playing the Peach Pit After Dark.

Then we played a college show at UCSD, which was actually a well organized and fun show. I have heard that college shows are often times a stressful/unfun situation, but i wasn't stressed and i had some fun, so i think that i can officially say that this wasn't one of those. We had Jess, a friend of the band, play a sweet saucy saxaphone solo, and we also played the first of two shows with a band called One AM Radio, who are good. Since it wasn't a normal venue, i was worried that it would take too long for us to set up and all the students would go home, but because of veterans day the next day, there WEREN'T classes the next day, and they chose to stay and watch Bishop Allen. I hope they think that they made a wise choice, but i have no idea what the kids are thinking these days.

Andy just lost a 10,000 dollar bet and he feels horn-swaggled and he has been wearing the same socks for like 2 weeks. These are the things you learn about in the backstage room. That was what they call an "insider scoop"

Yesterday we played a couple songs for Fuel TV, which is an "action sports" network. There were 9 year old professional skateboarders watching us, and we played these songs on a weird skateboard park set and it was fun and there was spit and falls and jams. I think its gonna air around December 1st. We played one new song and one older song. Look out for it (also i think wayne coyne will be on that episode).
Then we played the Echo. It was a strange show. There weren't enough cords for all of us to have mics, so i was sharing a mic with christian and almost tripped over some wires, and it was just a little chaotic. My brother and some old friends were at this show, so i had fun, but i think all can agree, that if you were at this show and you felt a little horn-swaggled, that you should keep the faith and come back to our next LA show. We will have more microphones!

Today we ate, and we drove, and we ate, and we drove. And now we are in beautiful San Francisco, although its dark, so im sorta guessing that its beautiful, mostly gauging it from the opening credits of Full House. I'm hoping that a beautiful Golden Retriever shows up to the show tonight.

Tomorrow we're driving to RENO. we aren't playing a show though. next show after tonight is salt lake city, which i hear is a really crazy party town.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Echo show, and the lack of enough mics was not a deterrent to enjoyment AT ALL! You guys dealt with the technical problems superbly, and assuming you didn't actually twist an ankle or something, you handled moving over to Christian's mic with great aplomb.

But do come back to LA again sometime!